Ready for the tug of war?

Because of the rainy weather, yesterday the traditional tug of war contest has been delayed to today in the afternoon once the classic yachts will get back into the port. To make the social events schedule richer, today the most creative among the sailors can take part to the painting contest while all the others can put their skills to the test in the “blindtest”.

Last night crews and organizers gathered in the race village to celebrate several birthdays all at the same time. The oldest lady that was celebrated being Eva, the gaff cutter designed by   William Fife in 1906 that is considered as a forerunner of the 8 Metre boats; the two New York 40 Chinook and Rowdy -designed by Nathanaël Herreshoff for the New York Yacht Club- partied for their 100th anniversary. William Fife's Hallowe’en, turning 90, and Eilean turning 80 joined the group as did Comet, the Sparkman & Stephens' design inspired by Stormy Weather and Skylark that was launched in 1946. Paulena, designed by Italy's Cesare Sangermani and Jalina created by Eugène Cornu both celebrated their fiftieth anniversary... Happy birthday to all!