Les Dragon ont la flamme…

Like every autumn the Dragons will criss-cross the Bay of Cannes in one of the most populated and popular races in the class’ calendar with more than 45 crews, from 12 different countries. Some will be coming from far away, like the Australian Richard Franklin (Liquidity) other from closer, like the twelve French teams.

Northern Europe is also well represented with the Dane Lars Broën (Hotlips) and Finns Christian Borenius (Thouban) and Sami Salomaa (Paloma) as well as Russia, with crews who have been dominating the recent events: Anatoly Loginov (Annapurna) and Mikhail Senatorov (Integrity). The will have to take into account competition coming from the UK, with Yvan Bradbury (Blue Haze), from Germany with Michaël Schmidt (3M) and from Italy, with veteran Giuseppe Duca (Cloud). This year two Turkish crews Ali Tezdiker (Josephine) and Ibrahim Arkun Demircan (Monday) will also line-up for the Régates Royales de Cannes 2017.

Plenty of action and close racing are on the menu.